nopCommerce meet-2018 connecting solution partners & users

A right opportunity makes a perfect Business

We had organized our very first Event of NOPCOMMERCE in New Delhi, India, held by-


This Event’s motive to connect partners, retailers and agencies to live in digital world with NOP-COMMERCE community.

This Event was a great opportunity for those store owners or partners, who wants to enhance their business in an online world and wants to spread to every customer by electronic way. In this modern world, everyone wants to be a part of digitization with profitable business to give a convenient option to customers.

Here, Companies shared their reviews, services and market or customer requirements that “How a vendor fulfill customer’s needs, in both B2B and B2C with better user interface?” We spread awareness about NOP-COMMERCE to know exactly ‘what is this?’, ‘how it works?’ and ‘why is it important?’ We discussed the overall project what we have done on this platform. We covered all the things about NopCommerce from basic with product creation to shipping and payment set-up.


NopCommerce is an open source of e-commerce solution or software based on ASP.NET MVC and MS SQL SERVER, (launched in October 2008) for giving a better platform for those small to medium size business, who wants to spread their services through e-commerce and generate income.


From NopExtensions, you can easily convert your business into an e-commerce, there is no doubt, off course. Many eCommerce service provider spread the awareness as well as services in this field. They offers mobile friendly user interface, in which anyone can access an e-commerce website through cell phones and you can change labels of your products or banners. In which, they are also providing some different types of features according to the consumer’s choice whether payment, Shipping, products related & along with this, they are also providing to you marketing services for enhance users, clients or customers on your e-commerce website. Nopextensions are also capable of carrying-out all kinds of customization such as shipping plugins, Payment plugin, ERP, EM integration, Marketing and other features in a professional manner. You can also change single vendor into multiple vendor. NopCommerce service providers also provides to you many themes and plugins for enhance user interface on the website.


In this Modern world, each and every one is using the internet for selling or purchasing the product and for the surfing on the internet through social media, which helps us to connect to the friends or families, no matter how far is she/he. Not a single person wants to lose their comfort to go to the market and choose one by one product/services. So, regarding this, why not we convert our ordinary business into an online business with the help of NopCommerce services in order to get a hike and profitable business.


Nopmeet hosted by NOP-EXTENSION along with  two companies , in this event 3 different types of presentation conducted by 3 different solution partners for evaluated and to share their experience with the crowd. It was the great pleasure for present and to saw all the retailers, partners, who participated in the event, they came from the different cities and from the different region for start or enhanced their business from an ordinary to online, along with this, an interesting quiz competition was also conducted for enhanced their skills and knowledge. They also got a chance to communicate with the industries best expert from this field and shared their experienced, give some feedback or suggestions for improvements of the quality product or services. Speakers provided some great examples who already entered in this field and earned a healthy income.

Although, it was a healthy experience to communicate with them and solved their queries in an effective way and to enhanced their business and sales as well.


We were very pleased to organized and hosted the event and in future, we will be looking to connect more companies, retailers, store owners or individuals to solving their conflicts and giving them better guidance, which will be generating the better productivity. And, even Nopmeet2k18 cannot be imagined without our partners. We would like to thank to everyone to be a part and increase the level of heights of Nopcommerce by this Event.

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